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Romina Provenzi

Feature writer; Online journalism; Book writer; IN London, United Kingdom

Romina Provenzi is Writer and lives in London. She writes on contemporary art given the political, social and economic context that surrounds the art system. She is a specialist of>

Elyssa Campbell-Barr

Feature writer; Subeditor or editor; Proofreader; Book writer; Commissioning editor; Online journalism; IN East Grinstead , South East, United Kingdom

An award-winning editor and writer with over 20 years’ experience creating engaging publications and web content across the charity, education and corporate sectors. I provide: >

John Hancock

Feature writer; Commissioning editor; Electronic publishing; Book writer; IN St Ives, South West, United Kingdom

I have two distinct writing and editing practices. One covers IT, technology, engineering, healthcare and business; the other, arts, crafts, music, performance, people and history.>

Anita van Adelsbergen MA CL

Translator; Broadcaster; Book writer; Book editor; IN Netherlands

Equestrian, canine, veterinary specialisation. Translator, journalist, editor. Working from Dutch, English, German, Italian, French into Dutch and English. Chartered Linguist>

Merle Brown

Feature writer; Columnist; Online journalism; Book writer; IN ROSLIN, Scotland, United Kingdom

Experienced journalist of 25+ years. Six years on staff at Daily Record as features writer, columnist and Fashion and Beauty Editor. Freelance since 2005. Written for most major UK>

Jennie Kermode

Online journalism; Feature writer; Book writer; Commissioning editor; Subeditor or editor; Columnist; IN Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

An adaptable, engaging writer with a fresh take on difficult subjects, I specialise in cinema. I have spent many years reviewing films, interviewing people in the film industry and>

Sean Ryan

Feature writer; Subeditor or editor; Columnist; Book writer; Online journalism; Reporter; IN Dublin 16, Ireland

I write to order: match reports; features; news stories on sport and religion. I also edit copy and proofread.>

Michele Witthaus

Online journalism; Feature writer; Reporter; Book writer; Public Relations; Proofreader; IN South East, United Kingdom

As a highly skilled writer and editor, I have freelanced for more than two decades across a variety of sectors and media. I fulfil the following roles: Freelance or permanent wri>

Rebecca Morris (RM Communications)

Subeditor or editor; Book editor; Book writer; Feature writer; Proofreader; Online journalism; IN Singapore

An experienced editor and writer specialising in Singapore’s lifestyle, I qualified first as a UK newspaper journalist; so with one foot in the East and one in the West, I’ve a>

Dave Walsh (Blather)

Book writer; Photographer; Public Relations; Subeditor or editor; Online journalism; IN Dublin 3, Ireland

Dublin-based press officer, writer and photographer, with years of experience working for Greenpeace International. >

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