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  1. Robert McKay ( Electronic publishing, Commissioning editor, Researcher, Book editor, Columnist, Online journalism; Law, Business and commerce, Charity/voluntary sector, Lifestyle, Personal finance, Consumer affairs, Industry, Politics, Leisure and hobbies, Finance and economics; London, UK

  2. Steve Broadhurst (Bear Digital): Electronic publishing, Multimedia developer, Columnist, Feature writer; Education, Lifestyle, Arts/entertainment, Film and theatre, Crime; North West, UK

  3. Alistair Dabbs (Bento Media): Electronic publishing, Multimedia developer, Trainer, Subeditor or editor, DTP skill, Columnist; Technology, Arts/entertainment, Humour; London, UK

  4. catarina amorim: Electronic publishing, Online journalism, Reporter, Researcher, Translator, Proofreader; Sciences, Medicine, Technology, Environment and conservation, Animals; oxford, South West, UK