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Pierre Alozie (Pierre Alozie)

Photojournalist since 1988. BAME NUJ member, Photographic Council, FIC, Black members Council, and v. chair British Photographic Council. Covered main events in eastern Europe post Berlin wall. Greece for the elections in June 2012. I have worked in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Bosnia, India, Nigeria, Serbia, Romania. Event clients: NHS, Children's society Presently covering news in London, with particular attention to protests and demonstrations Publishing a photobook November 2019, "Europe in Flux".

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Contact details:

Street: 10b deerbrook road
Town: London
Postcode: SE24 9BE
Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
Also find me on: FacebookLinkedInTwitterPierre
Telephone: 02086789368
Mobile: 07764181571


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  • Foreign affairs and overseas
  • Current affairs
  • Charity/voluntary sector
  • Ethnic and minority
  • Arts/entertainment
  • Architecture
  • Industrial relations
  • Technology
  • Travel/tourism
  • Public relations

Major clients:

  • NHS
  • Children's society
  • The Guardian
  • Balders Vorlag (Sweden)

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Extra information:

Hi, I am  an autonomous Franco/Nigerian, photojournalist based in London. I explore social, political and cultural issues with stills, video and multimedia.

Photographer since 1986. Self taught whilst living in Paris, my first work was in theatres, photographing the productions and doing portraits of the actresses and actors. My interest in photojournalism came with moving to Berlin, Germany in 1988.

I covered political and social events in the city and published my first photos in Berlin newspapers like the Tageszeitung and Zitty. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, I was well placed to take advantage of the city's geographical location.
I was in Prague for the Velvet Revolution, in Romania, Bulgaria, and Kosovo in 1989, and covered the fall of Communism. I subsequently returned to these areas to work and eventually covered the Balkan civil war in 1992, especially the siege of Sarajevo.

The photographs were published and exhibited in Germany and the USA with Der Speigel, Focus magazine and national and regional newspapers.

My career as a photographer has embraced many areas, including fashion photography, portraiture, press and fine art photography. I have exhibited my work in galleries in Germany, US, and UK.

I am part of the photographers' collective F8  and FFR (Frontline Freelance Register).  I speak French and English as a native speaker would, speak good German and Italian.


"Europe in Flux" Book Launch and exhibition at 12 Stars gallery, SW1 London Nov 2019.

F8 photographers Collective at East London Photo festival, The Hive, London 2015.

“Discrete Carnage”: Photography exhibition with Jos Boys. Spinach,  London 2009.

"The Stranger’s well": a Travelogue. 3D interactive installation, London 2001.

"Road Movie" expo. Photography from Pacific Highway No 1. London, 1998.

Group exhibition Phase 1: "The changing face of Brixton", London 1997.

Mural photography at the Maxim Gorki Theatre, Berlin for ‘Sarajevo, European city of the year’, Berlin Germany, 1994.

Exhibition at the Mackey Gallery, Denver, Colorado 1994.

Collaboration and Exhibition at the benefit concert, for the ‘Rape Victims of Bosnia’, with the rock group Nirvana, San Francisco, 1994.

"Fuscum Sub-Nigrum" ; Solo exhibition, Berlin Germany, 1989.


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Brexit, London 2017. © Pierre Alozie Brexit, London 2017.
© Pierre Alozie All rights reserved 2019.
Queue to go back to East Berlin, Berlin 1989. © Pierre Alozie Queue to go back to East Berlin, Berlin 1989.
© Pierre Alozie All rights reserved 2012.
Young volunteer nursing student from Nigeria at the free clinic in the centre of Athens. June 2012. © Pierre Alozie Young volunteer nursing student from Nigeria at the free clinic in the centre of Athens. June 2012.
© Pierre Alozie All rights reserved 2012.