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Pennie Quinton

Am currently working on research project for Warwick Business School, looking at the effects upon journalists, of working in conflict. The research will compiled into a book, papers for academic journals, and a documentary about the working conditions of journalists covering conflict.

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Contact details:

Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
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Foreign affairs and overseas
Trade unions
Children/educational materials
Charity/voluntary sector
Social Sciences
Finance and economics

Major clients:

  • Warwick Business School
  • Historic Royal Palaces
  • Thames 21
  • LWT

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Solidarity protest in Bethlehem © Pennie Quinton Solidarity protest in Bethlehem
Kids at the end of a protest in Bethlehem in solidarity with the people of Gaza, on 2 March 2008
Mourning assasination victims © Pennie Quinton Mourning assasination victims
Mourners at the funeral of four men assasinated by Israeli forces in Bethlehem on 13 March 2008
Turkish baths in Nablus © Pennie Quinton Turkish baths in Nablus
Inside the 400-year-old Turkish baths in Nablus
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