The NUJ Freelance Directory

The NUJ Freelance Directory is unique: it is the only guide to finding actual, working freelance journalists who meet the conditions for membership of the National Union of Journalists. This distinguishes it from other directories which are public-relations oriented or open to anyone merely for paying a fee.

The NUJ’s commitment

The NUJ requires its members to work to the high standard set out in the NUJ Code of Conduct. Full membership of the union is open only to those who can demonstrate that they are in fact working as journalists.

The NUJ has used its best efforts to ensure that the contact information in this Directory is accurate.

Commissioning editors’ commitment

By using this Directory you undertake to negotiate rates and conditions equitably, fairly and openly with the NUJ member you engage. In particular you accept that the default licence granted by freelance journalists in the work you commission is First Serial Rights for the territory in which you publish, and that you will state clearly what additional rights you wish to license and the payment for each. See below for more guidance.


The contract agreed between a commissioning editor and a freelance journalist is in law and in practice a matter entirely between those persons. The NUJ and its suppliers can not and shall not be responsible for any failure by either party to comply with such a contract.

Responsibility for the content of any entry in this Directory rests entirely with the individual member who supplied it. It is the responsibility of that member to supply updates if their details or circumstances change.


For details of joining the NUJ and of subscriptions see For more information, contact the NUJ:

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For information of use to freelances and commissioning editors, please consult the following online resources:


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