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Selection of Published articles

Austerity is Killing Britions: says landmark new report. Al Jazeera online: February 2020

Review of Chris Marker's Whitechapel Gallery retrospective,'A grin without a cat'  Saatchi Art & Music Magazine Summer 2014 (Print only) 

Riot in Parties Mick Farren final photographs – Saatchi Art & Music Magazine,  Spring 2014 (Print Only) 

Thatcher's death 'celebrated' in London: Aljazeera English Online 

It's time for a debate over statutory housing rights for single people: Guardian Housing.

Womens' voices must be heard - Al Jazeera English online

Why world peace needs women - Ceasefire

Streets in the sky - The Saatchi gallery Magazine Art & Music (Winter 2011 - print only)

From Israel to Essex: Travellers not welcome: Al Jazeera English On line

Deal with Act 2 of the news.   London Freelance Magazine.

Tectonic movements in the British media - Al Jazeera English online

Society is bigger than the Goverment - The Saatchi gallery Magazine Art & Music

Running through riotous London - Al Jazeera English online

"Unsung hero" Brian Haw, 1949-2011 - Al Jazeera English online

The revolution in heaven will not be televised   - The Saatchi gallery Magazine Art & Music

Vale Vittorio a hero of Palestine - Guardian Comment is free

Some Cuts are worse than others - BECTU Stage screen and radio

The danger of Tory SUS style searches - Guardian Comment is free 

Breaking through the boys broadcast barrier  - London Freelance

Rebranding Protest as Extremism - Guardian Comment is free 

Police spotter card P, Pennie Quinton - Guardian Comment is free

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