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  1. Sara Dewar (Sara Nance Dewar): Online journalism, Feature writer; Education, Disability, Ethnic and minority; West Midlands, UK

  2. Ronan Leonard: Online journalism, Researcher, Columnist, Broadcaster; Technology; Dublin, Ireland

  3. Jem Collins: Online journalism, Feature writer, Reporter, Trainer, Broadcaster; Videographer, Politics, Education, Youth; London, UK

  4. Zaki Dogliani: Online journalism, Reporter, Subeditor or editor, Feature writer, Proofreader, Translator; Politics, Sport, Football, Education, Music, Transport, Charity/voluntary sector; London, UK

  5. Joanne Shurvell: Online journalism, Book writer, Feature writer, Proofreader, Researcher, Public Relations; Arts/entertainment, Food and drink, Fashion/beauty, Travel/tourism, Film and theatre, Music; London, UK

  6. ANGELA MEREDITH: Online journalism, Feature writer, Reporter, Scriptwriter, Proofreader, Subeditor or editor; Health and fitness, Law, Arts/entertainment, Travel/tourism, Current affairs, Consumer affairs, Film and theatre, Property, Personal finance; London, UK

  7. John Toher: Online journalism, Electronic publishing, Web developer, Reporter; Football, History, Law, Politics, Building/construction, Business and commerce, Current affairs; Galway, Ireland

  8. Asa Winstanley: Online journalism, Researcher, Reporter, Columnist, Feature writer, Subeditor or editor; Foreign affairs and overseas, Current affairs, Politics, Media, Military and defence, History; London, UK

  9. Tim Oliver: Online journalism, Columnist, Book writer, Feature writer, Reporter, Researcher; Football, Cricket, Women's issues, Sport, Politics; NEWBRIDGE, Scotland, UK

  10. Philip Ingram: Online journalism, Columnist, Feature writer, Researcher, Subeditor or editor, Photographer; Technology, Current affairs, Foreign affairs and overseas, Military and defence, Public relations; Halesowen, West Midlands, UK

  11. Sigrid Countess von Galen: Online journalism, Researcher, Book writer, Broadcaster, Translator, Trainer; Crime, Charity/voluntary sector, Current affairs, History, Education, Ethnic and minority, Law, Military and defence, Social Sciences, Foreign affairs and overseas; London, UK

  12. Ryan Barrell: Online journalism, Reporter, Subeditor or editor, Feature writer, Columnist; Current affairs, Fashion/beauty, Finance and economics, Humour, Lifestyle, Offbeat, Politics, Sex, Technology, Youth; Germany

  13. Cathal McGuigan: Online journalism, Reporter, Feature writer, Subeditor or editor, Proofreader, Book editor; History, Arts/entertainment, Humour, Leisure and hobbies, Offbeat, Social Sciences; Dungiven, Northern Ireland, UK

  14. Nancy Cavill (Purple and Green): Online journalism, Feature writer, Subeditor or editor, Reporter, Researcher, Columnist; Travel/tourism, Politics, Health and fitness; Crickhowell, near Abergavenny, Wales, UK

  15. Liam Deegan: Online journalism, Photographer, Reporter, Researcher, Scriptwriter, Broadcaster; Current affairs, Public relations, Politics, Aviation, Local government, Videographer, Finance and economics; Ireland

  16. Jonny Evans: Online journalism, Researcher, Feature writer, Electronic publishing, Columnist, Commissioning editor; Technology; London, UK

  17. Courtney Traub: Online journalism, Book writer, Book editor, Proofreader, Reporter, Subeditor or editor; Arts/entertainment, Travel/tourism, Film and theatre, Environment and conservation, Politics, Business and commerce, History; Oxford, South East, UK

  18. Cath Everett: Online journalism, Subeditor or editor, Feature writer, Commissioning editor, Reporter, Researcher; Industrial relations, Business and commerce, Lifestyle; South East, UK

  19. Yousif Nur: Online journalism, Proofreader, Feature writer; Music, Ethnic and minority, Disability, Technology, Football, Foreign affairs and overseas, Finance and economics, Offbeat; Brentford, London, UK

  20. Francine Beleyi: Online journalism, Multimedia developer, Trainer, Photographer, Trainer, Reporter; Business and commerce, Education, Technology, Videographer, Women's issues, Public relations; London, UK

  21. Julian Jackson: Online journalism, Electronic publishing, Multimedia developer, Feature writer, DTP skill, Picture researcher; Media, Environment and conservation, Energy/oil, Arts/entertainment, Film and theatre, Health and fitness, Public relations; Green Hundred Road, London, UK

  22. Tola Onanuga: Online journalism, Subeditor or editor, Reporter, Feature writer; Arts/entertainment, Ethnic and minority, Film and theatre, Women's issues, Consumer affairs, Technology; London, UK

  23. Maxine Perella: Online journalism, Feature writer, Reporter, Researcher, Subeditor or editor, Public Relations; Environment and conservation, Energy/oil, Business and commerce, Industry; Scotland, UK

  24. Sara Freeman (MedWriter): Online journalism, Reporter, Multimedia developer, Electronic publishing, Subeditor or editor, Commissioning editor; Medicine, Drugs, Health and fitness; London, UK

  25. Philip Hunt ( Online journalism, Feature writer, Electronic publishing, Public Relations, Commissioning editor, Columnist; European Community, Current affairs, Foreign affairs and overseas, Media, Business and commerce, Technology, History, Transport; Overijse (Brussels), Belgium

  26. mircea cristian maer: Online journalism, Photographer, Reporter, Subeditor or editor, Translator; Charity/voluntary sector, Crime, Film and theatre, Ethnic and minority, Trade unions, European Community; Edgware, London, UK

  27. Samantha Smith: Online journalism, Feature writer, Proofreader, Subeditor or editor; Sciences, Women's issues, Lifestyle, Personal finance, Sex; Hove, South East, UK

  28. Ella Davies: Online journalism, Feature writer, Multimedia developer, Subeditor or editor; Animals, Environment and conservation, Sciences, Media; London, UK

  29. Paul Fitzgerald (Mr Fitz): Online journalism, Feature writer, Reporter, Columnist; Food and drink, Travel/tourism, Celebrities, Offbeat, Foreign affairs and overseas, Advertising; Milton Keynes, East Anglia, UK

  30. Donnacha DeLong (Autonomy Consulting): Online journalism, Electronic publishing, Feature writer, Subeditor or editor, Trainer, Commissioning editor; Politics, Foreign affairs and overseas, Trade unions, Current affairs, Music, Industrial relations, Social Sciences, Technology; London, UK

  31. Geoff Ellis: Online journalism, Subeditor or editor, Feature writer, Public Relations; Trade unions, Industrial relations, Media; London, UK

  32. Penny Kiley: Online journalism, Subeditor or editor, Trainer; Arts/entertainment, Charity/voluntary sector, Environment and conservation; Didcot, South East, UK

  33. Sunita Patel-Carstairs (Sunita Patel Limited): Online journalism, Feature writer, Reporter; Current affairs, Politics, Business and commerce, Arts/entertainment, Court reporting, Sport; London, UK

  34. Zoe Miranda: Online journalism, Photographer, Feature writer, Columnist, Subeditor or editor, Picture researcher; Music, Charity/voluntary sector, Fashion/beauty, Health and fitness, Lifestyle, Public relations, Offbeat, Women's issues, Arts/entertainment, Travel/tourism; London, UK

  35. Nancy Duin: Online journalism, Electronic publishing, Book editor, Book writer, Subeditor or editor, Public Relations; History, Medicine, Arts/entertainment, Public relations; Acton, London, UK

  36. Stace King (Content Creatives Ltd): Online journalism, Feature writer, Subeditor or editor, Reporter, Proofreader, Commissioning editor; Arts/entertainment, Celebrities, Lifestyle, Current affairs, Leisure and hobbies, Health and fitness, Offbeat, Travel/tourism; Cheshunt, South East, UK

  37. Jeanne Marie Hambleton (Freelance): Online journalism, Reporter, Public Relations, Feature writer, Photographer, Columnist; Local government, Public relations, Women's issues, Travel/tourism, Leisure and hobbies, Business and commerce, Property, Animals, Humour, Health and fitness; Chichester, South East, UK

  38. Donald Strachan: Online journalism, Book writer, Feature writer, Book editor, Researcher; Travel/tourism, Technology, History; London, UK

  39. Kevin Quarmby: Online journalism, Feature writer; Film and theatre, Arts/entertainment; London, UK

  40. Beth Squires: Online journalism, Feature writer, Subeditor or editor; Arts/entertainment, Film and theatre, Celebrities, Fashion/beauty, Women's issues, Music, Food and drink; London, UK

  41. Skye Doherty: Online journalism, Subeditor or editor, Reporter, Photographer, Feature writer; Business and commerce, Finance and economics; Australia

  42. Paul Carter Robinson: Online journalism, Book writer, Photographer, Multimedia developer, Web developer, Reporter; Arts/entertainment, Architecture, Design, Music, Youth; London, UK

  43. Susy Campanale: Online journalism, Translator, Columnist, Feature writer, Broadcaster; Football, Film and theatre, Humour, Fashion/beauty, Arts/entertainment, Lifestyle, Media, Offbeat, Sport, Women's issues; London, UK

  44. Michele Witthaus: Online journalism, Feature writer, Reporter, Book writer, Public Relations, Proofreader; Advertising, Design, Technology, Arts/entertainment, Charity/voluntary sector, Business and commerce, Consumer affairs, Industry, Public relations, Media; South East, UK

  45. Jennie Kermode: Online journalism, Feature writer, Book writer, Commissioning editor, Subeditor or editor, Columnist; Film and theatre, Arts/entertainment, Disability, Sex, Social Sciences, Property; Glasgow, Scotland, UK

  46. Krystyna Wareing: Online journalism, Subeditor or editor, Book editor, Trainer, Web developer, DTP skill; Education, Media, Technology, Advertising, Business and commerce, Children/educational materials, Public relations, Arts/entertainment, Foreign affairs and overseas, Politics; Crawley, South East, UK

  47. David Honour: Online journalism, Feature writer, Subeditor or editor, Public Relations, Web developer, Commissioning editor; Business and commerce, Gardening and horticulture, Industry, Technology, Foreign affairs and overseas, Transport, Religion, Travel/tourism, Motoring and motor sport, Offbeat; Huddersfield, Yorkshire and Humberside, UK

  48. Maxwell Cooter (Art of Writing (Maxwell Cooter)): Online journalism, Feature writer, Reporter, Trainer, Web developer; Technology, Business and commerce, Arts/entertainment; London, UK

  49. Guy Nicholls (Muse Publishing Limited): Online journalism, Electronic publishing, Web developer, Feature writer, DTP skill, Proofreader; Business and commerce, Media, Technology, Consumer affairs, Environment and conservation, Design, Public relations, Travel/tourism; Salisbury, South West, UK