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  1. Andrew Barnett: Designer, Picture researcher, DTP skill; Arts/entertainment, Finance and economics, Education, Architecture, Energy/oil, Current affairs, Politics, Advertising, Building/construction, Business and commerce; London, UK

  2. Alan Slingsby (Edition Publishing): Designer, DTP skill, Subeditor or editor, Feature writer, Trainer; Trade unions, Charity/voluntary sector, Industrial relations, Education, Design, Advertising; London, UK

  3. Jonah Webb (Purple & Green): Designer, Subeditor or editor, Proofreader, Electronic publishing; Current affairs; Wales, UK

  4. Richard Marston: Designer, DTP skill; History, Design, Food and drink, Music; London, UK

  5. Andy Smith (Smith+Bell Design): Designer, Subeditor or editor, Electronic publishing, DTP skill; Design, Football, Politics, Trade unions, Advertising, Arts/entertainment, Current affairs, Food and drink, Humour, Music; Cockermouth, Cumbria, North West, UK

  6. John Bowling: Designer; Education, Finance and economics, Health and fitness, Finance and economics, Technology; London, UK

  7. Brian Pelan: Designer, Subeditor or editor, Feature writer; Arts/entertainment, Charity/voluntary sector, Current affairs, Design, Humour, Film and theatre, Politics, Trade unions; belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

  8. Janet McCallum: Designer; Children/educational materials; Blandford Forum, South West, UK

  9. Peter Tucker: Designer, Photographer, Electronic publishing, DTP skill, Web developer; Education, Design, Travel/tourism; Oxford, London, UK

  10. Anthony Cohen: Designer, Photographer, Electronic publishing, Trainer; Design; London, UK