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  1. Anita van Adelsbergen MA CL: Translator, Broadcaster, Book writer, Book editor; Animals, Sport, Medicine; Netherlands

  2. Martin McGarry: Translator, Feature writer, Proofreader, Researcher, Subeditor or editor; Arts/entertainment, Current affairs, History, Politics, Foreign affairs and overseas, Music, Sport, Trade unions, Travel/tourism; Brussels, Belgium

  3. Miranda Bethell: Translator, Book editor, Proofreader, Web developer, Electronic publishing; Architecture, Film and theatre, Business and commerce, Environment and conservation, Arts/entertainment, History; Shaftesbury, South West, UK

  4. Jeremy Hamand: Translator, Online journalism, DTP skill, Researcher, Book writer, Scriptwriter; Environment and conservation, Energy/oil, Charity/voluntary sector; London, UK

  5. Stewart Lloyd-Jones (CPHRC Editorial Services): Translator, Book editor, Subeditor or editor, Proofreader, DTP skill, Researcher; Social Sciences, History, Current affairs; Dundee, Scotland, UK

  6. John King: Translator, Book editor, Broadcaster; Current affairs, History, Politics, Religion; London, UK