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Pamela Ann Williams (Pam Williams)

Pam is best known for her wickedly accurate sketches. Sketching speakers, the essence of a message is captured with a few words. covering events and festivals, sketching political and literary speakers, jazz musicians, and celebrities. Line sketches and rich water colours can be used for a variety of media and public relation material. Currently available on; original artwork, limited editions and an exclusive line of greeting cards, which make unique personal and public relation gifts.

Contact details:

Street: 31 Nealden Street
Town: Stockwell
Postcode: SW9 9RA
Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone: 02076521100
Fax: 02076521100
Mobile: 07880640719


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IllustratorRates: Illustration
CartoonistRates: Cartoons
ReporterRates: Reporter
ColumnistRates: Print media
DesignerRates: Design
DTP skillRates: Print media
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  • Celebrities
  • Humour
  • Building/construction
  • Business and commerce
  • Children/educational materials
  • Court reporting
  • Film and theatre
  • Music
  • Transport
  • Travel/tourism

Major clients:

  • Channel 4 TV
  • Hong Kong South China Post
  • Artists & Illustrators magazine
  • Publishers-Pavilion/Mitchel Beazley
  • Jazz magazines

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