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  1. Paul Gosling: Columnist, Broadcaster, Online journalism, Feature writer, Book writer, Book editor; Finance and economics, Business and commerce, Politics, Current affairs, Local government, Personal finance, Property, Travel/tourism, Consumer affairs, European Community; Derry, Northern Ireland, UK

  2. Cindy-Lou Dale: Columnist, Feature writer, Photographer, Reporter, Subeditor or editor; Motoring and motor sport, Travel/tourism, Lifestyle, Food and drink, Foreign affairs and overseas, Offbeat, Environment and conservation, Ethnic and minority; Offida, Italy

  3. Michael Butscher (Mike Butscher): Columnist, Feature writer, Proofreader, Reporter, Researcher, Photographer; Current affairs, Ethnic and minority, Foreign affairs and overseas, Politics; Stockwell, London, UK

  4. Sinead Ryan: Columnist, Feature writer, Broadcaster, Online journalism, Trainer; Consumer affairs, Finance and economics, Current affairs, Personal finance, Property; Co Meath, Ireland, Ireland

  5. Jill Segger: Columnist, Feature writer, Online journalism, Proofreader, Book editor; Politics, Current affairs, Religion, Music, Environment and conservation; Newmarket, East Anglia, UK

  6. Martin Ince: Columnist, Public Relations, Subeditor or editor, Online journalism, Trainer, Feature writer; Sciences, Education, Environment and conservation, Technology; London, UK

  7. Daniell Morrisey (careermakeover): Columnist, Book writer, Feature writer, Online journalism, Researcher, Subeditor or editor; Industry, Business and commerce, Technology; London, UK

  8. Judith Gubbay: Columnist, Commissioning editor, Feature writer, Subeditor or editor; Consumer affairs, Disability, Environment and conservation, Food and drink, Women's issues; London, UK

  9. Eric Francis Coppolino (Planet Waves): Columnist, Broadcaster, Photographer, Reporter, Feature writer, Public Relations; Humour, Sex, Arts/entertainment, Social Sciences, Current affairs, Sciences; Kingston New York, United States

  10. Kevin Dyer: Columnist, Feature writer, Proofreader, Online journalism; Motoring and motor sport, Transport; Lower Heyford, South East, UK

  11. Richard Thomson: Columnist, Feature writer, Reporter; Consumer affairs, European Community, Law, Personal finance, Travel/tourism, Industrial relations; Gosport, South East, UK

  12. Joe Armstrong: Columnist, Commissioning editor, Feature writer, Book editor, Book writer, Online journalism; Health and fitness, Religion, Sex, Lifestyle, Food and drink, Offbeat, Medicine, Children/educational materials, Property, Arts/entertainment; Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland