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  1. Jonathan Kempster: Broadcaster, Reporter; History, Current affairs, Politics; Hemel Hempstead, South East, UK

  2. Graham Bardgett: Broadcaster, Online journalism, Book writer; Military and defence, Foreign affairs and overseas, Politics; London, UK

  3. Anke Lueddecke (Producer/Director): Broadcaster, Researcher, Subeditor or editor, Photographer, Proofreader, Online journalism; Arts/entertainment, Film and theatre, Gardening and horticulture, History, Ethnic and minority, Current affairs, Foreign affairs and overseas, European Community, Finance and economics, Education; London, UK

  4. Alessandro Mariscalco: Broadcaster, Photographer, Reporter, Online journalism, Translator; Videographer, Media, Politics, Arts/entertainment; London, UK

  5. David Kitching (Bassline Strategy): Broadcaster, Columnist, Online journalism, Public Relations, Researcher, Trainer; Current affairs, European Community, Politics, Public relations, Charity/voluntary sector, Local government, Foreign affairs and overseas, Music; Dublin 2, Ireland

  6. Tracey Logan (Historian and Writer): Broadcaster, Reporter, Feature writer, Trainer; History, Sciences, Technology, Medicine, Environment and conservation; Chiswick, London, UK

  7. Carl Hartley: Broadcaster, Reporter, Online journalism, Trainer; Current affairs, Court reporting, Crime, Arts/entertainment, Football, Media, Politics, Sport; North West, UK

  8. Maria Romanenko: Broadcaster, Feature writer, Reporter, Translator, Online journalism, Researcher; European Community, Military and defence, Current affairs, Travel/tourism, Women's issues, Lifestyle, Health and fitness, Foreign affairs and overseas, Environment and conservation, Politics; North West, UK

  9. Simeon Paterson: Broadcaster, Reporter, Online journalism, Feature writer, Subeditor or editor, Public Relations; Current affairs, Videographer, Foreign affairs and overseas, Business and commerce, Travel/tourism, Lifestyle, History, Social Sciences, Offbeat, Public relations; London, UK

  10. Richard Lipman: Broadcaster, Online journalism; Arts/entertainment, Current affairs, Foreign affairs and overseas; London, UK

  11. Stuart Lachlan Smith: Broadcaster, Reporter; Current affairs, Foreign affairs and overseas; Moscow, Russian Federation

  12. Gurtej Singh (Britpanj Ltd): Broadcaster, Multimedia developer, Public Relations, Web developer, Reporter, Online journalism; Arts/entertainment, Travel/tourism, Public relations, Youth, Advertising, Current affairs, Food and drink, Foreign affairs and overseas, Technology, Social Sciences; Ruilsip, London, UK

  13. James Neish: Broadcaster, Reporter; Current affairs, Politics, Crime, Foreign affairs and overseas, European Community; London, UK

  14. Jan Klimkowski: Broadcaster, Feature writer, Reporter, Researcher, Scriptwriter, Online journalism; History, Medicine, Current affairs, Football, Crime, Business and commerce, Politics, Food and drink; Braintree, South East, UK

  15. baris cimen: Broadcaster, Reporter, Online journalism, Photographer, Scriptwriter, Electronic publishing; Local government, Videographer, European Community, Ethnic and minority, Current affairs, Court reporting, Military and defence, Social Sciences, Women's issues, Travel/tourism; Walthamstow, London, UK

  16. Jonathan Elliott ( Broadcaster, Feature writer, Online journalism, Reporter, Scriptwriter, Trainer; Charity/voluntary sector, Consumer affairs, Current affairs, Energy/oil, Foreign affairs and overseas, Politics, Religion, Technology, Videographer; London, UK

  17. JULIAN BRAY Tel: 01733 345581 (Aviation Security and Operations Expert, Air Shows, Heathrow, Gatwick, Airport, ON AIR, Broadcaster, Journalist, Own ISDN & COOBE flyaway kit, Experienced International Producer, Talks, History, News Agenda, Business Fraud, Computer Misuse, CRIME, Raw Pol): Broadcaster, Feature writer, Public Relations, Columnist, Trainer, Online journalism; Aviation, Travel/tourism, Military and defence, Marine and maritime, Technology, Motoring and motor sport, Court reporting, Environment and conservation, Crime, Arts/entertainment; Peterborough, Cambridgeshire [& LONDON , CAMBRIDGE, London, UK

  18. Meraj Abid Mahmood: Broadcaster, Reporter, Multimedia developer, Photographer, Translator, Researcher; Current affairs, Crime, European Community, Public relations, Cricket, Education, Environment and conservation, Ethnic and minority, Film and theatre, Foreign affairs and overseas; Dublin 6, Ireland

  19. jon holden: Broadcaster, Scriptwriter, Reporter, Subeditor or editor, Proofreader, Photographer; Politics, Court reporting, Crime, Industrial relations, Motoring and motor sport, Leisure and hobbies, Humour, Offbeat; London, UK

  20. Ian Beach: Broadcaster, Reporter, Online journalism, Trainer, DTP skill, Proofreader; Sport, Football, Current affairs; London, UK

  21. Camila Reed: Broadcaster, Feature writer, Trainer, Multimedia developer, Public Relations, Subeditor or editor; Energy/oil, Finance and economics, Business and commerce, Environment and conservation, Current affairs; London, UK

  22. Kamal Ahmed: Broadcaster, Online journalism, Reporter, Feature writer, Trainer, Translator; Foreign affairs and overseas, Current affairs, Court reporting, Consumer affairs, Ethnic and minority, Business and commerce, Law, Media, Politics; Barnet, London, UK

  23. Pervaiz Alam: Broadcaster, Feature writer, Online journalism, Public Relations, Scriptwriter, Commissioning editor; Arts/entertainment, Current affairs, Film and theatre, Videographer, Cricket, Sex, Politics, Media, Ethnic and minority, Foreign affairs and overseas; Harrow, South East, UK

  24. Javier Farje: Broadcaster, Trainer, Online journalism, Reporter, Researcher, Translator; Current affairs, Environment and conservation, Charity/voluntary sector, Education, Foreign affairs and overseas, Charity/voluntary sector; London, UK

  25. Aminda Rosamund Leigh (AMROS Media Solutions): Broadcaster, Translator, Online journalism, Reporter, Trainer, Feature writer; Film and theatre, Current affairs, Arts/entertainment, Environment and conservation, Media, Lifestyle, Leisure and hobbies, Food and drink, Travel/tourism, Sex; Rome, Italy

  26. Iain Webster (Network Media): Broadcaster, Reporter, Public Relations, Photographer, Scriptwriter, Trainer; Videographer, Business and commerce, Current affairs, Foreign affairs and overseas, Public relations, Media, Marine and maritime, Aerial photography, Environment and conservation, Offbeat; Holywood, Northern Ireland, UK

  27. Justin Temple: Broadcaster, Researcher; Foreign affairs and overseas, Videographer; South East, UK

  28. Irene Wyndham Sweeney (Rene Wyndham - Rewynd Productions): Broadcaster, Reporter, Researcher, Scriptwriter, Translator, Online journalism; Arts/entertainment, Education, Health and fitness, Environment and conservation, Women's issues, European Community, Food and drink, Travel/tourism, Transport, Architecture; Uplyme, Lyme Regis, Dorset, South West, UK

  29. David Landau: Broadcaster, Reporter, Online journalism, Researcher, Proofreader, Trainer; Ethnic and minority, Current affairs, Politics, Local government, Social Sciences, Foreign affairs and overseas, Transport, Architecture, Football, Music; London, UK

  30. Elaine Keogh: Broadcaster, Feature writer, Reporter; Arts/entertainment, Business and commerce, Current affairs, Politics, Travel/tourism, Youth; Tullyallen, Drogheda, Co Louth, Ireland

  31. Bill Bingham: Broadcaster, Online journalism, Scriptwriter, Subeditor or editor, Feature writer; Arts/entertainment, Film and theatre, Sciences; London, UK

  32. Paul Quigley: Broadcaster, Columnist, Feature writer, Online journalism, Reporter, Subeditor or editor; Business and commerce, Current affairs, European Community, Finance and economics, Media, Politics, Technology, Social Sciences, Industry, Music; North West, UK

  33. Cary Johnston: Broadcaster, Feature writer; Travel/tourism, Lifestyle, Film and theatre, Food and drink; Russian Federation

  34. Kevin Burden (Media Leaders): Broadcaster, Trainer; Charity/voluntary sector, Current affairs, Energy/oil, Environment and conservation, Foreign affairs and overseas, Media, Videographer; Bristol, South West, UK

  35. MARVERINE COLE: Broadcaster, Reporter, Public Relations, Researcher; Arts/entertainment; London, UK

  36. Mansoor Hassan (Mansoor Hashmi): Broadcaster, Columnist, Feature writer, Reporter, Online journalism, Researcher; Crime, Consumer affairs, Charity/voluntary sector, Children/educational materials, Current affairs, Education, Ethnic and minority, Local government, Trade unions, Women's issues; Longsight Manchester, North West, UK

  37. Elisavet Sotiriadou: Broadcaster, Feature writer, Reporter, Translator, Online journalism; Arts/entertainment, Children/educational materials, Current affairs, Design, Education, Travel/tourism, Music, Foreign affairs and overseas; London, UK

  38. Hilary Fennell: Broadcaster, Columnist, Feature writer; Arts/entertainment, Celebrities, Design, Film and theatre, Health and fitness, Leisure and hobbies, Women's issues; Ireland

  39. Mike Hally: Broadcaster, Photographer, Reporter, Book writer, Trainer, Researcher; History, Current affairs, Sciences, Media, Military and defence, Technology, Travel/tourism, Travel/tourism; Kinross, Scotland, UK

  40. Rumyana Vakarelska: Broadcaster, Feature writer, Scriptwriter, Online journalism; Arts/entertainment, Business and commerce, Current affairs, Energy/oil, European Community, Foreign affairs and overseas, Local government, Media, Politics, Public relations; London, UK

  41. Diana Peasey: Broadcaster, Feature writer, Reporter, Researcher, Public Relations, Trainer; Current affairs, Foreign affairs and overseas, Travel/tourism, Politics, Cricket, Trade unions, Women's issues, Media, Sport, History; Nottingham, East Midlands, UK

  42. Julia Robson (Julia robson): Broadcaster, Feature writer, Reporter, Researcher; Fashion/beauty, Celebrities, Design; London, UK

  43. Gary Horne (Real Stories@TV.Ltd): Broadcaster, Reporter, Trainer, Online journalism, Book writer, Scriptwriter; Current affairs, Politics, Foreign affairs and overseas, Media, Crime, Drugs, History, Education, Disability, Trade unions; London, UK

  44. Ian Collington (platformTV): Broadcaster, Scriptwriter, Online journalism, Feature writer, Reporter, Trainer; Current affairs, Local government, Charity/voluntary sector, Media, Technology, Travel/tourism, Arts/entertainment, Consumer affairs; Hove, South East, UK

  45. Corinne Sweet: Broadcaster, Feature writer, Public Relations, Reporter, Researcher, Scriptwriter; Children/educational materials, Current affairs, Drugs, Health and fitness, Public relations, Sex, Travel/tourism, Women's issues; London, UK

  46. David A Calder: Broadcaster, Reporter, Feature writer, Researcher, Online journalism; Current affairs, Business and commerce, Industry, Finance and economics, Transport, Foreign affairs and overseas, Sciences, Technology, Travel/tourism, Food and drink; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

  47. James Ballantyne (Jim Ballantyne): Broadcaster, Reporter; Finance and economics, Business and commerce; Faversham, South East, UK

  48. Hans-Theodor Wohlfahrt: Broadcaster, Feature writer, Subeditor or editor, Online journalism; Arts/entertainment, Music; Twickenham, South East, UK

  49. Ray Bulman: Broadcaster, Feature writer, Public Relations, Reporter; Leisure and hobbies, Marine and maritime, Motoring and motor sport; Edgware Middlesex, London, UK

  50. John Barwise (Quality of Life): Broadcaster, Trainer, Researcher, Reporter; Environment and conservation, Consumer affairs, Energy/oil, Industry, Travel/tourism, Transport, Sciences, Children/educational materials, Local government, Marine and maritime; Ambleside, North West, UK

  51. Shahid Malik: Broadcaster, Reporter, Translator; Current affairs, Foreign affairs and overseas, Law, Politics, Religion; Lahore, Pakistan

  52. Andy Wood (BrandWood Communications): Broadcaster, Feature writer, Public Relations; Current affairs, Politics, Advertising, Public relations; Craigavad Co DOwn, Northern Ireland, UK

  53. Gilbert John: Broadcaster, Feature writer, Reporter; Current affairs; Llanarthne, Wales, UK

  54. Damien Lewis: Broadcaster, Reporter, Scriptwriter; Animals, Current affairs, Environment and conservation, Foreign affairs and overseas; London, UK

  55. Handel Jones: Broadcaster, Feature writer, Translator; Animals, Environment and conservation, Food and drink, Humour; Llanymddyfri, Wales, UK

  56. Angus MacDonald: Broadcaster, Feature writer, Reporter; Current affairs, Energy/oil, Environment and conservation, Local government, Marine and maritime, Travel/tourism; Inverness, Scotland, UK